About Us


About Us

DBB TECH VIETNAM Co., Ltd would like to send our valued customers greetings and wishes for health and success.

The company was founded by members who have many years working in electronics and gas manufacturing factories in large corporations such as Samsung, Panasonic, Canon, Sanyo … With experience gathered in the process of training at Korea, China, our members have many years of experience in technical innovation in manufacturing and product improvement fields of large corporations. Areas of improvement include: Improving production lines, improving production processes, improving functional functions of products, testing equipment ….

We have installed and built industrial production lines of modern scale and complex technology; At the same time, the Company always receives the love and trust of customers in the fields of production and assembly lines, automation lines, supply of production auxiliary equipment …

With a team of qualified staff, engineers, knowledgeable and advanced technical knowledge in Mechanical, Electronic, writing softwares … to meet domestic and international standards. Over time, with complicated and modern projects of reputable customers, domestic and international brands, experience, management qualifications of staff have been built up; creating favorable conditions for staff and engineers to work in an advanced environment, initially contributing to the construction and development of successful international integration of Northeastern Engineering and Trade Joint Stock Company .

A team of experienced technicians working responsibly with modern equipment. We fully believe that we will meet all the requirements of domestic and foreign partners for the products we supply. Dong Bac Bo Technical and Trading Joint Stock Company is pleased to serve our customers!

Motto of Operation


DBB TECH VIETNAM Co., Ltd. takes 8 golden words as its core value:HUMAN – Elite – PRESTIGE – HONEST – SPEED – PROSPEROUS – REVOLUTIONIZE – EFFORT.

We operate with the motto:

  1. Taking people as the core, meeting all the trust and confidence of customers.
  2. We are committed to working with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, with the highest speed to create the most quintessential products.
  3. Building a culture of fair business, cooperation and mutual development.
  4. Always improving and changing constantly towards the prosperity of customers and businesses.

Company Profile

Company Name DBB TECH VIETNAM Co., Ltd
Address Lot 43 N01, Le Sat Street, Tho Xuong Ward, Bac Giang City
Tel 0847.662.066 / 0877.870.222 / 0979.582.666
Email dbbtechvn@gmail.com
Director Ngo Van Luong
Main Business Line installation, operation and technology transfer, application electronics, application software, industrial ancillary products